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SpicyJokes.com # 16319
Thanks to: Art Long - Phoenix - AZ - USA.
rec.:1/21/2004    pub.:1/22/2004    Sent:4/18/2004
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Q. What's the difference between a lawyer and a catfish?
A. One's a scum-sucking bottom dweller, and the other one's a fish!


SpicyJokes.com # 16707
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:2/19/2004    pub.:2/19/2004    Sent:11/11/2004
Ranking: 2.62 / 13

What is the difference between a proud chicken and a lawyer?
“One clucks defiant!”


SpicyJokes.com # 18777
Thanks to: Jim Porter - USA.
rec.:1/25/2005    pub.:4/8/2005    Sent:8/11/2007
Ranking: 2.90 / 10

A very well dressed and dignified lawyer called a plumber to fix his flooded bathroom. When the plumber arrived, he was carrying an extra set of overalls and took off his cap with the words “Blue Collar Man” on the brim. The dapper, impeccably groomed and expensively dressed lawyer smirked in a condescending way and said: "Interesting cap! And do you usually need a change of OVERALLS?"

The plumber just smiled. When he was done the plumber gave him the bill, and told him he had to get some more equipment from his truck. He explained that he needed a new assistant because of all the work and was short-handed. He asked the lawyer if he knew of any friends who might want the job.

The lawyer raised his eyebrows and pointed at his suit, his shoes and his office: "Now, do I LOOK like someone who would have a plumber for a friend?"

"You're right. A high class white-collar guy like you would never know plumbers." said the plumber apologetically.

"Exactly! After all, I have high standards!" sneered the upper-crust lawyer, as he checked his shoes to make sure the shine was still perfect and carefully tightened the knot of his tie.

When the plumber returned, he entered the lawyer's office and there in the garbage can were the lawyer's brand new mirror-polished $700 Brooks Brothers capote business shoes, with the black silk socks rolled up and tucked neatly inside.

On the floor was the hand-tailored $2,000 Armani pinstriped business suit the lawyer had been wearing, with attached paisley suspenders, as well as the natty Hermes silk tie and the matching pocket square, monogrammed gold cufflinks, starched white shirt, silver tiepin and Rolex. His law degree and briefcase were also piled up next to them.

The plumber went in and the first there was the lawyer in overalls, lying under the sink with his bare feet sticking out. The plumber tapped on the soles of the lawyer's feet. The lawyer looked out, with the “Blue Collar Man” cap on top of his hundred-dollar haircut and sweat streaming down his face. He pointed at the bill and said, "You found your assistant".


SpicyJokes.com # 16855
Thanks to: ancy - USA.
rec.:2/28/2004    pub.:4/15/2004    Sent:11/13/2008
Ranking: 3.67 / 6

There is one Very Serious Law Firm.
All staff comes to work at 6am and leaves around 11pm.
Suddenly, one guy started day at 9am.
All the guys exchanged “looks”.
And he left at 6pm.
All the guys exchanged “looks”.
Next day is the same story.
And the day after is the same story.
Finally, they come to this rebel to explain the rules.
He listened, kept quiet for a while and said: ”Excuse me guys, I am on vacation…”


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